Alessio Lacovig

Alessio Lacovig


  • In One Sentence“To this day I believe that unless you have completed a thesis, you cannot call yourself an architect. It is one of the most challenging and frightening things I have ever done, along with skydiving and running a company.”
Alessio was born in Italy and emigrated with his family to South Africa in 1992. He began his tertiary studies in 1999 and completed his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2001. Alessio’s early architectural experience is vast and comprises time spent on numerous construction sites as well as an internship at well renowned architectural practice, TPC Architects. This exposure strengthened his first-hand knowledge of construction. It also gave Alessio crucial insight into the day-to-day running of a serious architectural practice. It was during his postgraduate degree, which he completed in 2004, that Alessio really came into his own. He developed and fine-tuned the way he thought about and approached design. At the same time the notion that being an architect meant he could turn his ideas into a reality, fuelled Alessio’s passion for architecture. And while his father is a builder and Alessio loved playing with Lego as a child, he does not necessarily place these as the main motivating factors for his choice in career, although they might have pushed him, at least a little bit, in that direction. Alessio’s final-year thesis, titled Healthy Architecture, A Model to Promote a Sustainable Culture, culminated in the further nurturing of his skills. It was towards the middle of 2009 when Alessio realised that friends Mike Rassmann and Kuba Granicki held similar thoughts and views to him with regards to the architectural industry and how they might positively contribute to this very fluid profession. This resulted in their partnership and ultimately the start of Architects Of Justice.

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