ETHH Urban Regeneration Project

“The aim of this project is to create a catalyst for urban regeneration, and help the ECID to bring the vision of a future place where we have free public space, new work opportunities, nature, integrated public transport and high density housing to reality” says Alessio Lacovig.

The project aims to address the blight and urban degradation, which like many other cities in Ekurhuleni, Edenvale has been dealing with, and is currently facing.

It is fact that our cities are outdated and cannot cope with the influx of newcomers moving into the city centres and CBDs looking for new life opportunities for them and their families. This has led to decay, poor urban conditions, big business moving out of the CBDs, social isolation and weakened its community.

The AOJ proposed Edenvale Transport and Housing Hub (ETHH) is an example of an integrated urban centre. The design makes intelligent use of limited space and existing resources to support a high-density inner city population while promoting quality of life for residents.

The vested parties are set on accelerating the upliftment of the Edenvale CBD and surrounding areas. It is intended that this project will aid the regeneration process of the area, and form the basis upon which other urban developments in the area are conceived and considered.

The project stand as a vision for a deeply satisfying and healthy urban environment. Its architecture inspires and engages viewers, its needs embody an image of modernity and challenge the high dependency on the automobile and other conventions associated with such developments.

The complex is perceived as a 24 hour place, stimulating a live, work, play way of life. Convenience and security are essential elements of the design, and are translated from the program into the design in a creative way. This open, non-fences place, becomes and inclusive and outward looking urban centre which improves the quality of life for all that inhabit and visit.

Outward facing in its design and thinking, the ETHH is a model that encourages growth and future city development by acting as a catalyst for similar regeneration precincts across Ekurhuleni. It’s an exciting opportunity for local government, business, and private citizens to join hands in creating a thriving, sustainable city centre.

Edenvale, Johannesburg