Luxury Home Serengeti 773

The client appointed AOJ with the initial important task of finding a suitable site where his family could build their best luxury house to date. “It needed to be a place to escape the high pace of daily business in Johannesburg, while close enough to maintain our client’s well established family lifestyle” says Alessio Lacovig.

Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estates, one of the most exclusive residential estates in Gauteng, was the most suitable choice, due to it’s easy access from the R21 highway, and more importantly because it offers a high level of security, features a conservation area, 18 hole golf course and provides many lifestyle amenities such as a hotel, conference centre, school, equestrian centre, various recreational facilities and a retail centre.

The AOJ design for this luxury house expresses the client’s request for maximum privacy and takes advantage of the site’s natural orientation.

The view from the access road are kept private with the use of large solid stone walls that define public and private, enclosing garages, staff quarters and a planted courtyard that is the main pedestrian entrance of the home. Most services are located on the south side of the property, thereby keeping this façade also private, with small windows that do not compromise the only neighbour home’s privacy.

The living and bedroom spaces are arranged along the east and north boundaries, allowing for very transparent facades that overlook a golf course fairway and a natural green belt. This planning approach extends the exterior views from the luxury house, creating the perception of a larger property.

This strategically selected site, coupled with AOJ’s ability to organise the plan in what is essentially two wings, lets the design permeate nature, bringing natural light, air and vegetation deep into the interior, making this luxury house, the perfect fit to the client’s original brief.

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, Kempton Park